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Mens Full Service Cut & Hot Towel Wrap

Hair Cut

Mens barber style hair cuts.
Fades, Tapers, Clean Ups', and designer trends.

Hot Towel Wrap & Scalp Rub

Hot Towel Wrap to open up pores, soften hairs & better allow moisturizers/ cleansers to be absorbed.

Shampoo & Condition

Shampoo & Conditioning to clean and loosen hair for easier and more precise cutting.

Now offering laser liposuction. Melt fat in 8 treatments or less.
Also Relaxing facials & eyelash extensions.

Laser Lipo

With a good diet and consistent workout you can achieve your final touches with a few sessions of noninvasive laser liposuction.

Brazillian Wax & Facials

We have had nonstop affordable waxing clientele since we opened in 2009. That same clientele will usually grab a facial while they're at it.

Design Hair Color

Whether it’s touching up and accentuating your natural hair color or you want a new color array for any occasion, we have plenty of specialists that can get you that desired look. 

Ombre & Mermaid Color

Ombre is a universal favorite and looks great on both short and long hair styles. Mermaid colors are so diverse that you can have a solid color or multicolored look. We have mastered the mermaid.

Eyelash Extensions

Complete your look with professionally done eyelash extensions. When you’re talking to someone face to face, the eyes are where their concentration is; our focus is right there with them. 

“You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you”

– Solomon

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